Work From Home

Choose your ‘Work from Home’ Career

Whatever your reason is for wanting to work from home, make sure you choose the right one for you.

There are so many benefits to working from home; taking care of the pets, being able to drop the kids off at school and let’s not forget online shopping! But what sort of careers are acceptable to work at home for, and is it really something you can benefit from in the long run?

Having a job you love and enjoy is important – you’ll be there a while! Have a look at our career recommendations and see if working from home is something you’ll excel at.


Having a job in professional photography is a good one to start with. Although this one will require some working out and about at events, a lot of work will also include editing images and putting together packages for your clients. A great choice if you have an eye for photography and a little bit of a creative flair.

Freelance writing.

If you love to write but don’t know how to get started in a career, then freelance writing could be the first step on the ladder. There are some freelance writing sites on the web, where people and business are looking for people to write articles and blogs around a number of subject, it’s just a case of finding the one that’s right for you.


If you’re creative and enjoy playing an instrument or creating music, then a musically based career may be the one for you. As with freelance writing, there are sites where people are looking for musicians and creators of music to make original tracks they can use. What’s better than getting paid for doing something that you love? You’ll have a lot of fun in the process!

Marketing & Social Media.

If you have a computer, internet connection and a phone, then a marketing or social media career could be your port of call. You’ll need to be confident and want to get yourself, your business and your clients known to others, but it can be a very rewarding job.

Online sales.

Maybe in your spare time you’re a bit crafty and love to design and make things. Why not turn your passion into a career? Setting up an online shop is relatively easy. Upload your products, create an online presence through social media and a website and you’re ready to go! Family and friends are always happy to share your work, and you’ll soon get some customers looking to buy your wares.

Online services.

In order to provide an online service, you must be passionate and knowledgeable about your area, or people won’t trust you enough to use you. Perhaps you are a graphic designer, or web designer and already have some good experience in your area. Working from home in these sorts of jobs will really give you some flexibility, and sometimes, your current employer will be happy for you to work at home – as long and you put the work in!

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3D Laser Scanner Hire can be the best option when you are in need of a scanner. Many laser scanners can cost upwards of £30,000+ to buy and then on top of this you might need various accessories, software and not to mention software training.

Hiring a scanner can be a lot more cost effective especially for the smaller companies as hire charges often start from £100+ per day.

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SEO Sheffield is growing in leaps and bounds with their new search engine optimisation techniques that can get any local website ranking fast. Google rankings can be incredibly important for local businesses and no more so than in Sheffield.

Sheffield SEO Services have been on the increase over the last few years with more and more SEO Companies springing up due to the demand in the marketplace with the digital services industry booming.

Website design agencies and social media management is also on the increase with business owners becoming more aware of what is actually capable to do online.

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Things you need to avoid in your job interview

Here is a list of things you need to avoid at all cost if you want to be successful in your job interview.

  • Poor personal appearance
  • Arriving to the interview late
  • Lack of enthusiasm and interest; both indifferent and passive
  • Poor eye contact with your interviewer
  • Failure to involve yourself in the interview
  • Asks no question about the company and job
  • Indefinite answers to the questions asked by your interviewer
  • Over-emphasis on salary
  • Inability to communicate clearly; poor grammar, poor voice, poor diction
  • Lack of self-confidence and poise, uneasy, nervous
  • Failure to show appreciation for your recruiter or interviewer’s time
  • Criticism of your past supervisor or employer
  • Dragging your feet to relocate
  • Aggressive, overbearing, and snobbish with ‘know- it- all’ composite
  • Lack of proper career planning, no objective or goal
  • Expects many things to happen within a short period of time.
  • Narrow-minded or strong prejudices
  • Pessimistic
  • Shoddy application form
  • No interest in industry or company
  • Make excuses, circumvent on unfavorable factors on record
  • Lack of maturity
  • Lack of expertise
  • Lack of liveliness
  • Lack of good manners – being rude to interviewer

Take your time to say “thank you” to your interviewers.

Taking your time to say “thank you” after your job interview not only indicates good interview etiquette, it reiterates your interest in the job. Use you thank you note, also, to deal with all the issues and concern that came to mind during the interview.

You can also look at your thank you letter as a follow up sales pitch. Reiterate why you need the job, what your skills are and what you can offer to the company, etc.

Your gratitude letter is also a perfect chance to talk about things of importance that you did not answer in detail as you would have liked during your job interview. Remember, though, your thank you letter should be as brief as possible and straight to the point.

You should also be diligent and keep checking in. You do not need to pester them, but sometimes you can check in to see how they are progressing, and always remind them of your name and why you are committed to join the company. Waiting at least a week before reaching out is normally a good period of time.

Why should we have job interviews?

A good number of people are nervous of job interviews, even the most confident ones need to have some basic preparations ahead of the interview date. The truth is that job interview is an essential step in any recruiting process. This is the only method to screen candidates so that the best ones can be selected for a given job profile.

Each job has some sort of a special need which is suitable for a particular type of candidate. The ability to do any job accurately is directly related to your strengths and weaknesses. And these strengths are not just academic merits.

For instance a post of a factory manager requires someone who is good at supervising as he is responsible for all the different processes. Thus he must be good at analyzing things and making decision based on the analysis. If you can’t make a good decision in time, then you may not be fit for such position.

To cut a long story short, a job interview is an essential procedure for employers as it is a means to match the suitable candidate to a particular job profile.

However there’re many tips for job interviews which you can follow to ensure that you do well in any interview. Proper preparation for a job interview makes you much more confident as well as increases a chance of being hired.

No organization would like to employ someone who is not confident in his/her field and can’t work under a bit of pressure. At the end of the day, interviewers are normally looking for a candidate who can put in some value to the company.

You should as well be confident about your area of expertise. You’ll always be asked about something where your skills and expertise can be tested. Do not give a vague respond or try to divert the discussion as you might end-up going in unfamiliar field.

Maintain it in a tight field, where you’re most confident. Many candidates make this mistake and end-up performing more bad than good. The more you mix up, the more you let somebody see signs of nervousness, and the more mistakes you will make.

Consider that you’re trying to sell yourself to the interviewer or employer. You might have seen or heard about this many times when reading about job interviews tips, but this is very true. When you are selling yourself to the potential employer or interviewer, you have to give a point to demonstrate your strengths.

The interviewers should have a feeling that they’re getting a helpful candidate for the company, and the successful applicant should not leave the organization or he might be benefiting their competitors. Remember that an interview process is a two way communication, never talk to yourself.

In most cases, the interviewers or employers are in state of mind where they have to eliminate applicants so that it is easy to screen the ones which remain after the interview process. Your work is supposed to be changing this elimination mode to the acceptance one. If you are able to do this, more than half of your job is already done.

Another very important point you should note about job interviews is that an employer is always looking for a candidate who is best fit for the job. Therefore, you should present yourself in way that is suitable for the position – being presentable here means being organized and smart.

Again no one wants to hire an employee who is scruffy: a person who cannot care for himself. This is a very significant factor when you’re applying for positions which need some kind of public dealings.

In a way, these types of jobs break or make the image of an organization. Therefore, front desk jobs as well as jobs in hospitality industry are a few examples of this. In such positions, your patience, mannerisms and public interaction skills will as well be seen. This is also one of the reasons why you should present yourself according to job profile.

Preparing for a job interview is not a hard task once you are familiar with the entire process – you only need to understand it properly. If you do not feel confident enough, visualizing or practicing it can as well help a lot.

These were some of the reasons why employers must ask you a few questions, to assess your skills, before you get hired. So consider job interviews positively and make the most out of any opportunity that you might get.

Good luck!

How do you handle an interviewer you are attracted to

Your resume has successfully made its way to the top of the mound and you’ve been asked to come and meet your potential employer. All you should do now is to get through the interview and you will be half-way to securing your desired job.

However, as you enter the interview room and see your interviewer or prospective employer for the first time, your heart starts thumping, your jaw drops and all your sense of professionalism and equanimity disappears. You feel like a nervous adolescent who has a crush on a forty year old adult.

So how do you deal with a situation where attracted to someone who has your career future on their hands? Do you try your luck irrespective of the end result? Or do you put the object of your new desire into realms of fantasy and concentrate on getting the job?

Definitely the second decision is the one to opt for if you truly want the job. Divest yourself of any thoughts you might have of flirting with your interviewer – if the feeling is not mutual, and it doubtless won’t be, you will give a very weird impression.

Concentrate on the questions you are being asked, and when asked if you have any get them centered on the job, as opposed to trying to find out the interviewer’s relationship status.

Lots of research is done into human body language, and whether you are at a singles night or a job interview, you have to be alert to the key signs. Playing with the hair, or getting too touchy feely with your employer or interviewer are obviously not good behaviors.

Always remember to go for a firm handshake at the end of your interview, as opposed to trying to drop your jaws or lips on them.

If you are in this ugly situation with more than one employer or interviewer, ensure you give all of them equal attention as it might not be your ‘heart-throb’ who has the final say on whether you are the right candidate.

A good number of people would be ready to sleep with their managers to get promoted. However being in a relationship with your manager is not often a good idea for some reasons.

It is the responsibility of your manager to evaluate your performance at work, which implies that their will be unfair business between the two of you in the future that could have an effect on your relationship.

And, let us face reality – if you are in relationship with a person who is in a position to determine your career, you can assure that you won’t get any respect or credit from your colleagues if they ever realize your relationship with the manager. Their remark will always be, “Fine, everyone knows why he/she was given the promotion…

In view of that, what could be the outcome if it all fails? Seeing each other in the same office could fill you with hatred, regret, and will more than probable make one of you to leave the company.

Therefore, even if your interviewer is a spitting-image for Cameron Diaz or Brad Pitt do not flirt, even if they try to flirt with you. Be sociable and always remain professional. In spite of everything, if you’re employed then you may be pictured as an easy prey because your new manager knows very well that you have a soft spot for him/her.

How do you evaluate your performance after a job interview

Evaluating your performance after an interview will help you plan well for a future one. So how do you evaluate yourself? Consider an important interview you’ve had and then evaluate your performance using this simple guideline.

  1. List three things which made your interview a success.
  2. a) List three things about your interview that if given another chance you would change
  3. b) For all of the three items, explain what you’re going to do to perform better for the next interview.
  4. Were some of the employer’s or interviewer’s questions tricky to answer? And what were they? How would you answer if asked for a second time?
  5. What qualifications and qualities was the interviewer looking for? If given a second chance, how can you better present these skills?
  6. What other information do you need so as to decide if you would accept the offer?
  7. What do you like and dislike about this organization? (Consider using diagram or any form of presentation to compare and rate the organizations with which you’ve interviewed).

Human Resources Careers

Human Resources Careers

Human Resources professionals are the lifelines of business. They are the link in between competent work prospects as well as administration. In addition to handling such work features as managing employee benefits, recruiting, interviewing as well as employing workers in accordance with business policy as well as demand, they are also asked to talk to magnates and also develop strategic game plans for companies. It signifies the times, human resources specialists are asked to put on several hats and have actually relocated from behind the curtain to playing an encouraging function in a business’s personnel choices and plans.

The amount of training and education needed for a job in human resources is as varied as the lots of job summaries as well as titles. Many companies look for university graduates when it involves filling entry-level placements. The majority of grads have majors in personnels, workers management, or industrial and also labor connections. Nevertheless, college grads with technical, business, or liberal arts histories have likewise had the ability to get into the area of human resources and also are liked by some firms.

Several institution of higher learnings either have programs causing levels in employees, human resources and also labor connections or they offer degree programs in personnel management, human resources administration, training and also advancement or payment and benefits. Those aiming to end up being professionals should take courses in payment, employment, training and also growth as well as efficiency assessment. As in other fields understanding and also training are the tricks to coming to be valuable. Business courses such as principles of administration, business structure, as well as commercial psychology needs to additionally be thought about along with any type of course that will certainly enhance your general understanding of computers.

Salary rates for human resource specialists are not continuous because they are based on line of work, encounter, training and education and learning, place, dimension of the firm as well as whether you come from a union. In 2002 the average yearly salary for personnels mangers was $64,710. The center 50 percent of personnel specialists made in between $47,420 and also $88,100 while the lowest 10 percent gained less compared to $36,280 and also the greatest 10 percent earned more than $114,300.

With a constant flow of qualified university graduates and also seasoned professionals browsing the work market there is without a doubt a level of competitiveness when it comes to jobs in the area of human resources. On the silver lining, the total work of personnels experts, training as well as labor mangers as well as expert is anticipated to expand between 21 as well as 35 percent, which is much faster than ordinary, via 2012. Actually certain experts such as employment, employment and also placement expert might be in greater need as a result of numerous firms boosting efforts to hire and keep qualified workers.

D.I.S.C profiling in the recruitment-selection process

D.I.S.C profiling in the recruitment/selection process

The truth is that the DISC technique of behavioral profiling is among one of the most widely made use of around the world.


One reason is that it might be made use of efficiently by center administration. You do not need to utilize the companies of a psycho therapist to analyze the results.

The system does that immediately.

True the outputs will differ dependant whereupon certain DISC system you make use of. However then so would the interpretation from one psycho therapist to an additional.

Nonetheless the terrific value of a DISC file is that it does offer the job interviewer a track to operate on, provides them a base where their understanding of the interviewee may accurately be developed.

It is a reality that it is unlikley that most individuals in center management who are associated with the recruitment procedure have had much in the method of interview process training.

The majority of interviews carried out in the hiring of sales personnel in particular are likley performed by untrained or improperly educated people.

They might well be high calibre however if they have had no training then it is most likely that they will experience a high fall out rate of their recruits.

The major problem is that such individuals never quit recruiting, never ever switch from draw in mode to investigative method. They are normally being pressed from over to load the jobs left by previous choice failures.

The interviewee has actually revealed an interest in the placement, that is why they exist. Exactly what the job interviewer ought to be doing from the beginning is deselecting, is looking for reasons that the recruit would fail.

Rather they purchase face value the plan the interviewee is selling. They do not dig further they do not inquire about the awesome concerns.


Since to start with they are desperate to get he or she aboard and also since honestly they do unknown just how.

OK, so exactly how can a DISC account help?

The first thing to be clear on is that people arresteded for the responsibility of providing the report to the interviewee REQUIREMENT HAVE TRAINING.

Not just a someday training program. (they are practically useless, regardless of the top quality of the course content), they should have continous training, role playing workshops as well as be analyzed as skilled by an in house expert.

The in residence expert must have went to a full blown train the instructor training course and they themselves been approved as well as shown to be skilled.

Any type of management device is apotential commercial time bomb unless ideal training has been supplied.

Why is it that some business will acquire administration tools yet after that baulk at the expenditure of educating their individuals to be effective in their usage?

Do you use DISC in your organisation?

Do you perform employment meetings?

Are you responsible for supplying the record to the interviewee?

Are you proficient to do so?

If you remain in any kind of means unclear after that bring the matter to the interest of the ideal firm authorities

Shortage Of Radiographers Leads To Overseas Recruitment Drive

Scarcity Of Radiographers Causes Overseas Recruitment Drive

A scarcity of essential medical staff has actually seen a rise in the employment of radiography personnel from abroad.

The health and wellness market seems to have regular as well as continual problems with staffing degrees with boosting activity towards the economic sector, the recruitment of expert personnel to both public as well as private sector appears to be increasingly difficult. There is a recognized lack of radiographers within the UK and the NHS has actually gone on a drive to motivate even more radiography experts within the health solution.

This shortage has actually seen the importation of radiography experts from abroad, significantly from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa as well as Ireland in an attempt to plug the abilities void in both the economic sector and also the NHS. This scarcity has actually been exploited by the industrial field in an effort to help the governments drive to hire proficient staff to these markets. The surge of specialist employment companies such as RIG Radiography Recruit particularly targets this apparent space in the employment market to load the radiography work openings in both the public as well as private sectors. Interestingly, this site as well as others like it, look both within the UK as well as abroad in its attempts to urge competent radiography professionals to enter the UK health and wellness field.

The scarcity of radiography tasks is really felt not just in the UK, yet worldwide. An US study discloses similar scarcities in vital medical care specialists demonstrating a bigger trouble with radiography employment. Whilst the contribution of expert radiography recruitment sites adds to easing the shortage of radiographers, there seems a systemic problem in Western nations in filling the vacant radiography works.

3 Steps to Take Following Your Job Interview

You’ve got the interview out of the way, now what?

Arguably, what you do following your interview can be just as important as everything you’ve done before.

Remember that you may have been one of many candidates interviewed, so here’s a chance to try and secure a second interview, or even a job offer.

The steps below show the interviewer you are professional and gracious, which are two really important qualities an employer looks for.

Send the Perfect Thank-You Note

It’s by no means revolutionary advice, but it’s surprising that not everyone does it.

A simple email following your interview reminds them who you are, and sets a good example of your professional and positive attitude.

Make sure you follow up on a specific point in the interview, for example attach a sample of your work that relates to something you discussed.

Moreover, it is a good opportunity to solidify the answers to questions that may have stumped you during the interview itself.

Connect with the interviewers on LinkedIn

 Even if you don’t end up with the job, by being gracious and friendly you may end up with a lead for another job, or a useful connection for down the line.

Networking can be invaluable in your career, and LinkedIn provides a great platform for this.

Prepare for the Next Interview

The most crucial thing to do following your interview is to prepare again for the next one. Whether that interview will be a second at this company, or another at an entirely different one, it doesn’t matter.

Take notes on what was asked during the interview, and assess where you feel you answered questions well, and where you need to improve.

Even, if you don’t get called back for a second interview, this preparation will serve you well as you interview with other companies.

Learning from your interviews is crucial in developing interview skills and ensuring you do even better the next time around.