3 Steps to Take Following Your Job Interview

You’ve got the interview out of the way, now what?

Arguably, what you do following your interview can be just as important as everything you’ve done before.

Remember that you may have been one of many candidates interviewed, so here’s a chance to try and secure a second interview, or even a job offer.

The steps below show the interviewer you are professional and gracious, which are two really important qualities an employer looks for.

Send the Perfect Thank-You Note

It’s by no means revolutionary advice, but it’s surprising that not everyone does it.

A simple email following your interview reminds them who you are, and sets a good example of your professional and positive attitude.

Make sure you follow up on a specific point in the interview, for example attach a sample of your work that relates to something you discussed.

Moreover, it is a good opportunity to solidify the answers to questions that may have stumped you during the interview itself.

Connect with the interviewers on LinkedIn

 Even if you don’t end up with the job, by being gracious and friendly you may end up with a lead for another job, or a useful connection for down the line.

Networking can be invaluable in your career, and LinkedIn provides a great platform for this.

Prepare for the Next Interview

The most crucial thing to do following your interview is to prepare again for the next one. Whether that interview will be a second at this company, or another at an entirely different one, it doesn’t matter.

Take notes on what was asked during the interview, and assess where you feel you answered questions well, and where you need to improve.

Even, if you don’t get called back for a second interview, this preparation will serve you well as you interview with other companies.

Learning from your interviews is crucial in developing interview skills and ensuring you do even better the next time around.