How do you handle an interviewer you are attracted to

Your resume has successfully made its way to the top of the mound and you’ve been asked to come and meet your potential employer. All you should do now is to get through the interview and you will be half-way to securing your desired job.

However, as you enter the interview room and see your interviewer or prospective employer for the first time, your heart starts thumping, your jaw drops and all your sense of professionalism and equanimity disappears. You feel like a nervous adolescent who has a crush on a forty year old adult.

So how do you deal with a situation where attracted to someone who has your career future on their hands? Do you try your luck irrespective of the end result? Or do you put the object of your new desire into realms of fantasy and concentrate on getting the job?

Definitely the second decision is the one to opt for if you truly want the job. Divest yourself of any thoughts you might have of flirting with your interviewer – if the feeling is not mutual, and it doubtless won’t be, you will give a very weird impression.

Concentrate on the questions you are being asked, and when asked if you have any get them centered on the job, as opposed to trying to find out the interviewer’s relationship status.

Lots of research is done into human body language, and whether you are at a singles night or a job interview, you have to be alert to the key signs. Playing with the hair, or getting too touchy feely with your employer or interviewer are obviously not good behaviors.

Always remember to go for a firm handshake at the end of your interview, as opposed to trying to drop your jaws or lips on them.

If you are in this ugly situation with more than one employer or interviewer, ensure you give all of them equal attention as it might not be your ‘heart-throb’ who has the final say on whether you are the right candidate.

A good number of people would be ready to sleep with their managers to get promoted. However being in a relationship with your manager is not often a good idea for some reasons.

It is the responsibility of your manager to evaluate your performance at work, which implies that their will be unfair business between the two of you in the future that could have an effect on your relationship.

And, let us face reality – if you are in relationship with a person who is in a position to determine your career, you can assure that you won’t get any respect or credit from your colleagues if they ever realize your relationship with the manager. Their remark will always be, “Fine, everyone knows why he/she was given the promotion…

In view of that, what could be the outcome if it all fails? Seeing each other in the same office could fill you with hatred, regret, and will more than probable make one of you to leave the company.

Therefore, even if your interviewer is a spitting-image for Cameron Diaz or Brad Pitt do not flirt, even if they try to flirt with you. Be sociable and always remain professional. In spite of everything, if you’re employed then you may be pictured as an easy prey because your new manager knows very well that you have a soft spot for him/her.