How do you evaluate your performance after a job interview

Evaluating your performance after an interview will help you plan well for a future one. So how do you evaluate yourself? Consider an important interview you’ve had and then evaluate your performance using this simple guideline.

  1. List three things which made your interview a success.
  2. a) List three things about your interview that if given another chance you would change
  3. b) For all of the three items, explain what you’re going to do to perform better for the next interview.
  4. Were some of the employer’s or interviewer’s questions tricky to answer? And what were they? How would you answer if asked for a second time?
  5. What qualifications and qualities was the interviewer looking for? If given a second chance, how can you better present these skills?
  6. What other information do you need so as to decide if you would accept the offer?
  7. What do you like and dislike about this organization? (Consider using diagram or any form of presentation to compare and rate the organizations with which you’ve interviewed).